Sunday, February 16, 2014

Whats new?

Stefán hates this one because it makes his eyes look evil.
Stefán acting evil, ironical thing is he is about to shoot me with a rubber bracelet he received for good behaviour at school 
I got a new phone, yaaa for the S4. Got strep , boooo for antibiotics, foolishly hurt my back, lame. But I did survive the week, if only hardly. Everyone else is doing good.
Cool Stefán
Lots of hair Kasper
Me and Leó, testing the new camera
Stefán joined me in class one day, now he knows a little setningafræði 
We went to the beach because it was sunny, but it was still very cold
Leópold in Judo practice
Rósa and Purrító, best friends
The boys, and girl dog
He wears his sun glasses, not only at night, but when he is sleeping

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