Sunday, November 25, 2012

18 more days

18 more days of this constant stress head ache. Study study study. Learn learn learn. Laundry? No time for that! Comb hair? Maybe in the morning. Teeth? Always time, but cutting it close.
That means in 18 days I will be half way done my bachelors.
Tomorrow marks the first day of the last week of semester one, year 2.
That also means tomorrow is the last class in Beyingafræði 1.

Aside from the essay I wrote today, and the one I corrected and finished yesterday, and the beygingar exercises and the hjóðritun assignment that I just realized is 20% of my final mark, I am also thinking of:

Leó, Kasper and Stefán and how good it will be to hang out with them over Christmas, no stress allowed. No deadlines and no worries for a month! Just chillin and watching the Grinch who stole Christmas, together.

I have also been a terrible friend and look forward to doing something nice for the people that have made this semester possible for me to survive.

I am thinking of my sister, after talking to her on the phone for nearly an hour I am realizing how lucky I am to have her and how important she is. And how much I miss her little munchkins.

This always leads to me thinking about Tye.  I appreciate all the condolences messages I have receive and wish I could reply back. Tye was great, I wish more people had the chance to know him.

Thinking of my brother always makes my miss my overseas family more, as well as makes me hug the little guys I have right here. I have to stop and appreciated who we have, hug them and mess up there hair.

Even if I have a ton of homework to do, I need that break.

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