Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Being positive

I´ve been having a hard time getting the push to blog lately. I often complain about time constraints, but seriously, most days I have to give myself a goal with keeping the crying down to an hour of less. The last couple weeks have been tough. There are good moments, even hours, then horrible nearly sleepless nights and endless tears. Tye was also my biggest blog fan. He checked in everyday and emailed me to tell me off when it had been too long between posts. I have been terrible about replying to all the kind messages I have received. Seriously, I have not replyed to anyone. I can not answer the question of how I am doing with out starting to cry, so I am avoiding it. I went to see someone, professional to talk too, and I am going back to do it again. I can not let life go one with out me. Leó turned 3 on Saturday and Stefán turned 9 on Monday. Kasper's birthday is next month. My beautiful boys, they really do make me so happy. And in case you are wondering, amazingly enough, I am not horrifically behind in school. Looks like its going to be OK. Just must keep going.

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  1. You are such a wonderful, strong woman. My heart aches for you.