Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Supper on Toys R Us

Last Friday I went for dinner with my co-workers. We were given a lot of money to go for supper from head office, to treat us for our amazing hard work that has been done. As one of the highest selling stores, and being constantly short staffed, we have worked an insane amount. This meal was well earned.
We went to Caruso, a very nice place down town.
From left to right we Albert, Einar and Tina. Albert will be store manager soon, Einar is the funniest guy in the store and Tina is engaged to Albert. She also works at the information desk.

Here is Elsa, a part time Cashier.

Einar was drunk, it actually got worse as the night went on because he had a bottle in his coat that we was topping up his Coke with.

Elsa did not want this picture.

She said this one was OK.

This is the funniest looking salad I have ever seen. It is called a Tomato Salad, but it looks like it is missing something to be called a salad.

Einar at his worst.

This is a good one!

I was hoping to avoid having my picture taken, it did not work as well as I would have liked.

Here is Ingi, he only works part time on Information.

Jón Thor, Section Leader of small toys. He gets offended when people ask him about girls toys. He wants to know of he looks like the kind of guy who would know about girls toys.

And a cranky looking Albert.

I would saty the night was a huge success, even if only half the staff turned up. How could you miss out on a meal like that? It is a once a year, at the most, opportunity.

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  1. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Well, I wouldn't want to miss that one either, especially in Caruso... You surely deserved more than one meal there, well earned reward!!! LOL